Vitória Amazônica Foundation

We are a non-profit civil society organization that has been working for 30 years with socio-environmental innovation at different scales in the Amazon.


We develop projects in such areas as research, social organization, education, socioeconomic development and public policies. Our focus is on solving local and regional problems based on sustainable initiatives, aimed at building an alternative development model for the Amazon region. Much more than learning and teaching, FVA has proven the importance and viability of a more harmonious relationship between people and nature.

Social enviromental innovation

Vitória Amazônica Foundation developed several pioneering projects Amazonas, such as the first campaign to protect the Sauim-de-Coleira (Saguinus bicolor), between 1991 and 1992, which mobilized society in the struggle to preserve this native species of Manaus. With the expressiveness of the project, FVA participated in the creation of the Parque Municipal do Mindú, one of the first protected areas in the region.