FVA believes that it is only possible to guarantee socio-environmental development if people have specific skills and are mobilized to contribute in a protagonist and effective way. This democratic participation depends, among other things, on training processes, access to information and exchange of knowledge specific to the Amazon context.

We also believe that schools are a privileged space for the formation transformative individuals for our current social reality. That is why the FVA created the “People for Conservation” program, which has the mission to promote and facilitate access to traditional and technical-scientific knowledge, strengthen public education systems and engage community leaders, young people, teachers, the school community and public agents to participate in actions for the region’s social environmental development. FVA also promotes actions that contribute to the strengthening of a quality, plural, egalitarian, citizen oriented and innovative public education in the Amazon.

FVA develops specific projects, content, tools and methodologies in order to guarantee the alignment between teaching and human training processes to the challenges of each target audience.

  • Advocacy for public education and environmental education policies;
  • Playful and participatory training processes with principles of art education and educommunication;
  • Networking favoring the autonomy of social actors and partners of FVA;
  • Production of pedagogical and educational materials;
  • Training on innovative education of teachers and technicians from the public education system.