Manaus is the largest city in the Amazon biome and its influence extends to a huge region, nationally and internationally. For this reason, we believe that the planning of Manaus city and its surroundings should serve as an example to guide processes of territorial occupation and real estate development of the Amazon, fundamentally respecting the region’s characteristics and peculiarities.

Created in 2014 by FVA, Manaus Metropolitan Area’s Observatory is a network of institutions, researchers and activists committed to generating knowledge about the region. One of the objectives is to influence public policies focusing on an innovative social, economic and environmental development model.

  • Positive influence on the management of water resources in the State of Amazonas;
  • Defense of an endangered species Sauim-de-colleira (Saguinus bicolor);
  • Monitoring of social environmental risks in the municipalities of RMM;
  • Defense of streams (Permanent Protection Areas) in the capital of Amazonas;
  • Mainstreaming Amazonian urban planning theme at national discussion networks on cities and metropolitan regions.